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A Dangerous Man

We open as Shane Daniels (Steven Seagal) stands before a judge in jail house blues. He listens as the judge tells him that he has the Arizona state’s apology for spending the last six years incarcerated for a violent murder he didn’t commit. That DNA evidence has proven his innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Judge asks if there is anything he wants to say. A visibly angry Shane asks them if they can give him his life back.
Within hours of being released to the streets, Shane finds himself the intended victim of a street robbery. Using a combination of brutal boxing and martial arts skills, Shane takes out his two attackers. Unable to cope in the noisy city Shane takes to the road. Cut to a rest stop along a lonely stretch of highway. It’s early evening and there are no other cars in the lot with the exception of Shane who sits atop the hood of his car taking long pulls from the half empty whisky bottle. That’s when he witnesses a state trooper pulling over a car containing two Chinese nationals. When the Chinese nationals kill the state trooper and try to kill a few witnesses, Shane is forced to intervene. In a brutal fight he kills one of the attackers and sends the other running off into the desert.

Cast:Steven Seagal, Daryl Shuttleworth, Jerry Wasserman, Byron Mann


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