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Armored (2009)

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The movie begins with Ty (Columbus Short), the main character, going to work like any other day. They travel to a bank and pick up something that needs to be moved. Once they exit the bank with the money, Baines (Laurence Fishburne) signals for them to wait. He says a black van has circled their truck twice, and to be on the look out. They load up and move out. However, while traveling along a back road, their truck stalls. Baines tries to start the truck, but can’t. The truck has been sabotaged by someone putting sugar in the gas tank. They try to radio for help, but can’t, they are in a radio dead zone. Just then, the black van speeds up behind the truck and four men in gas masks jump out and stick a bomb to the back window. Ty tries to get away, but is stuck next to the bomb. The bomb goes off, and… launches a bottle rocket into the truck. It was all a prank being played on Ty. They all laugh it off and drive back, saying it was a prank. After work, Ty and all his coworkers are at the bar, discussing how other people have successfully robbed armored trucks before, to judge how Ty reacts. Mike (Matt Dillon) takes Ty home, but stops at a hot dog stand first. They get hot dogs, and on the way home from the stand, Mike breaks the news – they want Ty to help with a robbery. Their plan is to pick up 42$ million from a bank, but instead of delivering it where it is supposed to go, they want to stash it all, torch the trucks, and fake being robbed.

Cast:Matt Dillon, Jean Reno, Laurence Fishburne, Amaury Nolasco


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