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The Princess and the Frog

The movie opens in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tiana (Anika Noni Rose) is a hard working waitress, who has let go of having fun in favor of her dream of having her own restaurant, which is a shared dream with her father (Terrence Howard), who promised with Tiana to open a restaurant called “Tiana’s place”. She plans to turn an old building into her restaurant (”Almost There”). However her mother (Oprah Winfrey) insists that she needs to look at other parts of her life.
Meanwhile, Prince Naveen (Bruno Campos) of a country called Maldonia, arrives in New Orleans with his butler Lawrence (Peter Bartlett). The prince has been cut off by his parents for his play-boy and jazzy lifestyle and either has to marry or get a job to support himself. Naveen plans to wed Charlotte (Jennifer Cody), who is a daughter of rich, bumbling yet kind sugar mill owner, Eli ‘Big Daddy’ La Bouff (John Goodman) to gain a fortune. The prince and Lawrence meet up with Doctor Facilier (Keith David), aka, “The Shadow Man”. He turns Naveen into a frog, and use Naveen’s blood to make Lawrence look like Naveen and marry Charlotte (”Friends on the Other Side”). The Shadowman then plans to kill LeBouff, seize the fortune for himself, and turn the city over to the evil Voodoo gods, who will feed on the souls of the citizens.

Cast:Anika Noni Rose, Bruno Campos, Keith David, Michael-Leon Wooley


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The film opens at a party in Los Angeles in March 1997. Christopher Wallace / Biggie Smalls / The Notorious B.I.G. (Jamal Woolard) is seen sitting at his chair smoking. People, including Faith Evans (Antonique Smith) and Sean Combs (Derek Luke), move to the music on the dance floor. Moments later, Biggie, Combs, and friends are driving away from the party. They stop at a red light, while Lil’ Cease, (Marc John Jefferies) is flirting with women outside. A black Chevrolet Impala pulls up and someone inside fires a single shot at Biggie.
The film then flashes back to Biggie’s childhood in the early 1980s, recounting his tough upbringing in Brooklyn. Biggie (Christopher “CJ” Wallace, Jr.) writes several rap songs, enduring the ridicule of some classmates. Biggie then starts selling drugs at the height of the crack epidemic. In 1990, after winning an important rap battle and meeting Lil’ Kim (Naturi Naughton) for the first time, Biggie’s mother, Voletta (Angela Bassett), throws him out of the house after discovering his involvement with drugs.

Cast:Jamal Woolard, Angela Bassett, Derek Luke, Anthony Mackie


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