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While watching Aaron Sorkin’s “new show” The Kitchen, the power goes out once again in the Griffin family home. Remembering Peter’s last story about Star Wars, the others ask if he has any other stories like it. Peter responds by proceeding to retell the story of The Empire Strikes Back (after first beginning to tell the story of the movie Black Snake Moan) and once again re-imagines the film with Family Guy characters.
Assuming that the viewer is already familiar with the film’s plot, the opening crawl instead goes into detail about how 20th Century Fox made Star Wars unprofitable to other companies by letting George Lucas keep all merchandising rights to it, and purposefully wastes $58,000 on animating a computer-generated cartoon elephant, which dances across the screen mid-text. Afterward, an Imperial Star Destroyer is seen deploying probe droids (and Elroy Jetson) to the far corners of the galaxy in search of the Rebel Alliance. One of the probe droids, portrayed by Joe Swanson, lands on the ice planet Hoth, where the Rebels have set up their new base. Rebel commander Luke Skywalker, portrayed by Chris, is patrolling around the base when he is suddenly attacked by an ogre-sized Cookie Monster, who knocks him out and drags him away. At the base, Han Solo, portrayed by Peter, announces his intentions to leave the Rebellion, much to the displeasure of Princess Leia, portrayed by Lois, who is unsuccessfully trying to woo him. Upon learning that Luke has not yet returned, Han sets out on his Dondon to find him. Luke, meanwhile, manages to free himself from Cookie Monster’s lair and nearly freezes to death when he has a vision of his late mentor, Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi, portrayed by Herbert, who offers him Zima soup and instructs him to go to the Dagobah system to learn the ways of the Force from Jedi Master Yoda. Han then discovers Luke, and the two are rescued the next day.


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